Norway’s largest
datacenter provider
and operator

Using Europe’s most inexpensive, renewable energy with affordable installation cost.

Our vision

Our vision is to maintain a leading position in Norway, being the go-to provider of blockchain and high-power data centers. We aim to deliver reliable and safe operating conditions using green and renewable power.


Leading data center provider

Kryptovault is a leading data center company located in Norway. We design, build and operate data centers for our customers. In Kryptovault, we have vast knowledge and years of experience within the data center business and can deliver any solutions no matter our customers’ needs. Our clients require safe, reliable, and cost-effective operating conditions and guaranteed Proof of Origin of electrical power.

Our Headquarters are in Stavanger. We operate two large data centers in Norway, and we have an office in Lithuania with experienced Project managers and designers.

Our leading service is to design, build and operate data centers for clients using Blockchain technology. The development can be anything from Brownfield to Greenfield solutions, depending on the client’s needs and specifications.

Whom do we build for?

Kryptovault builds data centers on requests from customers as well as for our own use. We have the knowledge and expertise to build tailor-made data centers precisely the way our customers request. The secret behind our robust and highly rated solutions is our people and self-developed technology.

Kryptovault offers unique and bespoke data center services for clients requiring safe, reliable, and cost-effective operating conditions and with guaranteed Proof of Origin of electrical power.

On request, we design and build the data center based on clients’ needs at a reasonable cost, install the equipment and offer to host and maintain hardware on behalf of our clients. Our clients use our data centers for themselves, or they rent them out to their clients.


Significant experience

Our team has more than 20 years of experience developing data centers for big businesses with comprehensive demands for their needs.

Need and capability

The needs for capacity and security in data centers differ. Kryptovaults highly adaptable employees make sure to deliver the structure needed. We can design, build and operate all tiers.


Data centers today

Kryptovault operates two data centers in Norway; at our Hønefoss site, we have an existing Plug and Play power capacity of 40 MW with an easily expandable capacity to 80 MW.

At our Dale site, we have an existing Plug and Play power capacity of 17 MW with an easily expandable capacity to 45 MW.

We have identified other geographical locations in Norway, which would be ideal for building data centers.

Misconceptions of the crypto industry

Bitcoin is a phenomenon that couldn’t exist without miners such as Kryptovault. We are the infrastructure to solutions like bitcoin. Bitcoin mining is a controversial field. But for what reasons? Here, we will walk you through the main factors of why Kryptovault and our business are highly viable. Not only for our clients but also for our local community. When Kryptovault builds data centers for mining purposes, we do that because there is a demand. If we don’t meet the demand, it will be met somewhere else, but at what risk and circumstances?

Distribution of electricity

In Norway, there are strict rules for the usage and distribution of electricity.

There shall and will always be enough power to supply the demands.

All power generation is being produced safely to ensure there is enough power for everyone – not affected by Kryptovaults data centers.

100% Renewable energy

Kryptovault builds data centers in Norway. In Norway, 100% of the electricity is renewable energy, and there is a significant amount of the power, which is surplus power.

Using the power for our data centers, we contribute to a positive effect in terms of cost-efficiency. Not only that, we are using the power locally, which means the municipality we are located in gets positively affected. The municipality owns both the power and the mains.

Export of power

Surplus power is often subject to export to other countries from Norway. Export of power also means that a lot of the power vanishes in the process. It is also a much more expensive method than actually using the power locally.

In Norway, control bodies are making sure the use of electricity is within the regulations.

Data center business

Kryptovault is a datacentre business.

This means that our operations will not be affected only by the cryptocurrency status. Kryptovault will build datacentres for all kinds of businesses and demands for the coming years. We strive to be a chosen supplier of mining data centers, HPC datacentres, and conventional datacentres.

Aim to get listed

We aim to get listed and have already started a process in this matter.

How and when will be decided when the time is right. In Kryptovault, we have learned through experience that the right actions must be taken at the right times. We fully believe in our own capability and expertise and that this will bring us up and ahead in the coming years. We are looking brightly to the future.