Our history

Kryptovault is a perfect example of strong belief and hard work through challenging times, resulting in a 200+ MNOK company over a few years. We started as a small business with the great believes that we could change the industry of mining and classic data centers.

We have met some challenges along the way. Political and economic and also the crypto winter. In 2018 and 2019, the market was harsh. We survived the bear markets we knew would come, and we lived to experience the bull markets.

The main reason for our success can be identified from the beginning. We went all-in from the start with a strong belief that we could be successful. We believed in the future, and we believed in our highly competent employees. In 2018 we made a tactical decision to do a takeover for a company that was pulling out of the Norwegian market.

This resulted in us gaining access to the values of the sites and equipment. Our belief in the future was soon to be confirmed, and we went from struggling to survive to pay off all debt. Today, we have the funds needed to move forward to our new focus area, which is investing further in new equipment and exciting new projects.

Today we have several new potential projects we are working with – Both in Europe and Norway. We have never been in a better position, and our prognoses for the future are very positive. Our investments are a clear sign of our bold strategy, and our goal is to grow and expand our business in the future.


In the future, Kryptovault will make significant investments to ensure a safe and solid business for the future. Our experience tells us that this is the best strategy if we want to be competitive in a market, we expect to grow significantly in the following years.

In Kryptovault, we are focussing on our own areas and cooperation with other companies in the business.

We believe in the technology that cryptocurrency represents. Kryptovault invests for more than double of our turnover, and we are ready to meet the future demands.

Our goals for the future

One of our goals is to be the largest data center provider in Norway. Some will say we already are, based on employees, turnover, and installed power effect. We work hard to continue our growth by delivering strong and efficient solutions for data centers.

We know highs will follow dips. Bull markets will follow bear markets. Even the bull markets will have dips, and we will have a safe strategy to make sure we are ahead of these events.

Our team


Kjetil Hove Pettersen

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman


Egle Melinske

Chief Financial Officer

Egle is an experienced CFO, who has been managing finances for high-growth companies with international business footprint for the past 5 years. She has worked in Norway, the UK and Lithuania. She also has a combined 7 years of experience in financial research and investment fund. As an analyst and the head of sector research, she has been ranked 1st on Bloomberg and 5-star by Thomson Reuters for her investment recommendations and profit estimates accuracy. Egle is a Bachelor in Mathematics, Master in Economics and has a post-graduate LEAD certificate from Stanford University GSB.

Phone:  +370 680 44 682

Email: egle.melinske@kryptovault.no


Per Jøssang

Head of Electricity

Per has 12 years of experience as a broker in the Nordic power market on NordPool and Nasdaq. In addition to working on financial trading with power, he has experience in the mediation of emission allowances (CO2), green certificates and the copyright guarantees of renewable energy. He has a background from one of Norway’s largest brokerage houses, DNB Markets, on structured financial products in raw materials, real estate and currency.

Email: per@kryptovault.no

Phone: +47 957 01 953


Karen Helene Bjørnestad

Head of projects

Karen is a highly motivated and experienced leader, negotiator and project manager, with a 30+ year international track record from the oil & gas industry and from the international humanitarian world. She has managed and implemented large humanitarian operations and projects in developing countries, with unpredictable environments requiring a high degree of security awareness and risk reduction measures.

Email: karen@kryptovault.no

Phone: +47 481 15 557


Renaldas Galdikas

CEO KV Baltic / CTO

Renaldas has 15 + years‘ experience with project portfolio management and is a Certified Data Centre Management Professional (CDCMP).  He has project managed design and construction of a large number of data centres in Baltics and Norway.  Renaldas has a profound knowledge of building of tailormade datacenter electrical solutions, using various types of equipment.  The results have been achieved, giving maximum reliability and effectiveness of the Data Centers.

Phone: +370 69918992

Email: Renaldas@kryptovault.no


Eirik Berge

Financial controller

Eirik is a young and skilled financial controller with experience in blockchain-related business. He is responsible for the daily management of our financial operations, ensuring that we follow Norwegian laws and regulations and internal financial policies and procedures. Eirik has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

Email: eirik@kryptovault.no

Phone: +47 962 02 903