Bitcoin OS

Bitcoin OS

“After we started working with KryptoVault, everyday life has become much easier.” Quoted General Manager of Bitcoin OS Pål Hjertholm, who rents capacity on KryptoVaults data center in Dale. KryptoVault deals with uptime and status, which allows Bitcoin OS to use their time more efficiently.

The origin of Bitcoin OS

Bitcoin OS began as an interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies by a group of committed peers. They all had permanent jobs and started it as a hobby. The genuine interest in blockchain technology led to the establishment of Bitcoin OS.

Bitcoin OS performs Proof of Work for mining operations and rent machines to other businesses abroad. Bitcoin OS had their own sites before they started renting capacity in Dale.

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“We started our collaboration with KryptoVault at the end of 2019, packed all the equipment, and delivered it. With outstanding service, KryptoVault cleaned and set up all of the equipment.”

– Pål Hjertholm.

Hosting and maintaining data centers

KryptoVault both hosts and maintains the data centers for Bitcoin OS. “KryptoVault has made everyday life easier for us. From having to track uptime and status every day, we now have monthly follow-ups. It is more comfortable, and they run it significantly more efficiently than we managed to do ourselves.”

– Pål Hjertholm, General Manager of Bitcoin OS.

Kryptovault AS is pleased to have Bitcoin OS as a customer, and we have had a very good cooperation with them. Our company has spent a long time learning and specializing in what we do, streamlining our operations. With the volume of operations that we have in our premises, we have several advantages; economics of scale, optimized solutions, ability to make larger and long-term investments, especially by employing a sizable, dedicated operations staff. We are very pleased to be able to offer high-quality services to our clients and that we are getting very positive feedback on this.