Data centers in Norway

Data centers in Norway

Data centers can be defined as industrial facilities for operating large servers and IT facilities and is currently the fastest growing industry globally, with a continuous increase in demand.

Data center


Since the early 2000’s, the scale of data centers has developed from being individually operated by businesses to a much larger scale that requires the proper knowledge and a thorough understanding of the field. In today’s age, every industry needs or is dependent on data centers in some shape or form.

The Norwegian government has implemented measures to facilitate the establishment of data centers because the positive impact is clear, and businesses within both private and public sectors depend on them. The government has announced that to make this process easier, there will be a higher focus on improving the political processes surrounding power, network, and area access.

Our facilities in Norway

Kryptovault currently operates two data centers at two different locations in Norway: Hønefoss and Dale. Several factors are considered when it comes to the location of our data centers. Among those are the need to have access to industrial areas with surplus energy and proximity to airports.

Operating data centers in Norway has led to significant impacts both nationally and within local communities; by creating a ripple effect. Kryptovault hires local vendors and employees within the communities where the data centers are located. This creates opportunities for the companies Kryptovault directly employs and businesses that our customers work with, such as cleaning companies and electricians. 

Kryptovault uses solely green energy when operating our data centers. About 95% of the energy we consume in Norway is green. If our customers did not have the option to use data centers located in Norway, they would be forced to look to other countries for this service. There would be a high chance that these other countries did not use renewable energy, damaging the environment.

Why facilitate data centers in Norway?

Facilitating data centers in Norway is an advantage because several areas of land can be developed, and we have access to surplus energy. Norway also has low energy costs, making it ideal for operating data centers.

Another benefit of having data centers in Norway is that it satisfies the demand of retaining data within Europe instead of using cloud services owned by big corporations. Cloud services allow data to flow freely between national borders, whereas local data centers give customers a guarantee of where the data is contained, which is especially important for government customers.

Lastly, having data centers locally available is an advantage for businesses who want access to a physical location, and because there is a delay in data signals over long distances, albeit small, it can have an impact.