Our facilities

We are currently operating datacenters at two different sites in Norway; in Hønefoss and Dale. These sites currently have available capacity for potential new clients of up to 80 MW in Hønefoss and 45 MW in Dale.

Within 1-2 months after initial contact, depending on your specific demands and specifications, we can have you up and running. We have additional options at different geographical locations, to host large scale datacenters.  The design, construction and installation would depend on client specifications, but would be in the range of between 8-12 months.

Want more information about our facilities? Or do you need help with finding locations for your datacenters?

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Two operating facilities

With available space for new clients.


Favorable geographical locations

The sites are powered with green and clean energy sources from hydro and wind.


Options for expansions

Multiple options for expansions in both new and existing sites.


Specialized in finding solutions

Experience and flexibility in choosing the best sites for our clients specific needs.

Our current operating facilities

Hønefoss: 40MW installed capacity – can be easily expanded to 80MW

Dale: 16MW installed capacity – can be easily expanded to 45MW

To be a Norwegian based company gives us an edge

Being a Norwegian company gives us a competitive advantage in the Norwegian market, compared to a foreign based company.

Not only have we built up a solid network of partners, investors and excellent relationships with local authorities, we already have experience of building two large datacenters in Norway.

Our experience, knowledge and understanding of Norwegian building laws and regulations, ensures a faster and reliable construction phase.

Clean and renewable energy

Our facilities are located at highly attractive, easily reachable areas, with cool weather and access to redundant power capacity.  The sites are powered with green and clean Norwegian energy sources from hydro- and wind-powered turbines.

Our services consist of providing, installing, hosting and maintaining hardware in addition to 24/7 security and surveillance operation on sites and through online monitoring.

You are welcome to reserve space and capacity at our existing and upcoming facilities.