Clean and green renewable energy

In Norway, we have 100% renewable energy. In fact, Norway has the greenest and cleanest electricity in the world with 95% hydropower and 5% wind power.

Why is renewable energy important in the data center business?

Close to the power source

We are building data centers close to the power source, resulting in more efficient usage of the power.

There are no bottlenecks on the power supply itself. However, there is a potential bottleneck on the distribution of the power. Therefore, we gain environmental advantage and economic and capacity advantages for the rest of the power grid.

Carbon footprint

We have a limited co2 carbon footprint which we always need to respect. This could be directly linked to potential investors’ will to invest. Also, there is only a certain amount of bitcoin each day distributed on the active parties.

This means that the more we are mining in Norway, the less activity there will be in other countries. Ultimately, the less coal and other environmental-hostile activity there will be.

Contribution to local businesses

Kryptovault has begun to look at possibilities to contribute to the local industry. For example, in our project at Hønefoss, we send our heated air to a wood factory for wood drying. We do not earn anything on this, but we contribute locally, which is important to us.

Kryptovault has been a pioneer by introducing the data center business in Norway. By our initiative, more has come, and many more will follow, using Norway’s renewable energy, preventing this industry from expanding in countries exercising non-renewable energy.

Our initiative also brings new international capital to Norway from other data center companies. This is capital that goes directly into the Norwegian community.