Kryptovaults experts have been building datacenters for many years. We have recruited the very best engineers on the market for the sole purpose of being a chosen, well-known supplier of data centers for all demands. Our experience comes from building complex data centers in the Baltic areas and now also in Norway.

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Our own cooling equipment

Our engineers began their careers building conventional data centers. Over the years, the project got bigger, and the demand and solutions developed rapidly. This resulted in them gaining more experience and finding solutions to meet even more complex demands.

A new cooling system for the data centers was developed by the experience gained in these years. Earlier, there was a need for involving and using third-party companies in this area. Now in recent years, we can use our cooling system, which is effective and cost-efficient for Kryptovault and our clients. This is a huge advantage, and it was made possible due to our deep understanding.

Want more information? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Tiers in data centers

There are different tiers in datacenter built today. The range is from 0 to 5, depending on the level of security regarding uptime, amongst other aspects. A business that requires absolute uptime needs a high tier level to ensure absolute uptime on their datacenter.

This means building several reserve solutions to make sure the activity stays up even if some things break down. A backup system will immediately kick in and keep the system going. An example can be if the electricity breaks down, we can have several extra lines into the center, independent of one another.

Tier 0 is still safe

Let’s try to break down the functionality of the tier levels. Tier 0 is still very safe and ensures exceptionally high uptime and consistency. The main difference is that there are not extra diesel aggregates or backup solutions, which is not critical. Our expertise ensures our client to identify and process which needs there is to adapt the solutions to, and then develop a fitting solution. There is never a need to build a higher tier level before we need it.

Tier 5
Tier 4
Tier 3
Tier 2
Tier 1
Tier 0

Why we build in Norway?

We clean up the bitcoin infrastructure and bitcoin business, from burning coal to using green, renewable electricity. No nuclear power, no burning of fossil material. Only renewable energy!

Kryptovault builds all types of data centers. Not only crypto mining datacenter.

Where there is demand, we build, which means we create solutions for all kinds of businesses and their needs. The demand is increasing, and by developing this market in Norway, we make sure that this demand is met with solutions that save the environment using renewable energy. 95% of all electricity is green in Norway. If the demands weren’t met here, they would be met in countries with low to no renewable energy, and in that aspect, they would be damaging environmental-vise.

Cost-efficient solutions

The first installations in Europe came with several bugs and problems, but our team fixed them and improved them. That’s how we understood how it works and functioned. That’s how we found out how we could create our own equipment based on this.

In 2020 our first own installation with our own cooling solutions was realized for a large international company.

In total, we can build very efficient and reliable data centers in Norway. A big part of the cost of data centers is cooling and electricity/power supply.

Much of the cost is saved because we create the cooling solutions by assembling, programming, and producing them ourselves. This is cost-efficient for our clients.

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