Kryptovault uses testing of the working environment when we are to build a new data center.

Before the building process begins, we build 3D models and analyze the airflow and how the air stream will be. By doing this, we identify which elements will not be cooling down, working correctly and not.

Doing these computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations gives us an advantage. We need quite a rich experience to do this. We understand how it will work, and that’s how we create additional value for the customer. No secret traps or unwanted surprises.

We can also call it computer simulation.


Kryptovaults activity lay the grounds for more activity in this area in Norway. This will contribute to a more environment-friendly business.

Using racks in building our data centers, we can convert a specific data center type to another. For example, we can make a change from a mining data center to a conventional or HPC data center.

The racks make it easy to convert by using conventional racks.

No one else has previously done this in Norway. We can do this because we are qualified to find suitable solutions for this.

Kryptovault from an economic perspective

Kryptovault is still a young business. We are still flexible, and we have high growth potential. Risk management is always a focus for us as we continuously work to finalize a new and better structure in Kryptovault. We have met difficult times, but we have always found the solutions to overcomes them.

A part of Kryptovault strategy is to be on top of all operations by ensuring effective operations control. The most challenging aspect connected to capital is that we operate in a high-risk business. The business is not regulated, meaning we can’t approach a bank for a loan. Bank loaning is not available for the crypto mining business at this point.

For companies like Kryptovault, finding investors is vital to ensure further growth. Because of the risk, they will demand higher returns because of the increased risk. For us, it is therefore essential to find the investors we believe can help us forward.

Buy cheap, sell expensive

The high risk associated with the business is also followed by the potential high return. This is the factor we in Kryptovault are focussing on. We also have a low cost of operations compared to others in our industry. This because of our developed cooling system, among other aspects.

In the long run

Kryptovault looks brightly to the future. We expect the markets to continue to expand. We will have accumulated a significant value of digital assets, worth more than today. Not only quantity but also in price. We believe the digital currency will be opened and welcomed to the banking industry.

High return

Investments in Kryptovault have in recent years been highly successful. We have done thorough research in our preparations and, in doing so, have succeeded massively with our strategies.

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