We are looking forward to 2022

We are looking forward to 2022

This year has consisted of both challenges and growth. The pandemic has been dominant in several companies around the world. Although it has not been a decisive factor for us, we have also observed a time marked by digitalization and limited social contact. After yet another year marked by a pandemic, we are looking forward to 2022 and what comes with it. Here are some of our main focuses and ambitions for the upcoming year.

Disprove myths

We will continue to disprove and explain the myths associated with our industry during 2022. Our impact on the electricity grid is overall positive, it is an industrial activity with a 100% clean digital export product, we are contributing by creating value both on a local and national level. It is important for us to explain what we are really doing and highlight the positive sides.

Consolidate investments

Other than that, our goal for 2022 is to consolidate our investments in 2021. We will continuously replace operating units and streamline the underlying infrastructure.

Prestigious projects in Lithuania

Our daughter company in Lithuania, KV Baltic, is growing and we have developed a strong brand with multiple prestigious projects in the pipeline for 2022 in the Baltic region. We are getting recognized as one of the few companies in the region that can carry out large data center developments. This is a result of our top-tier team of industry-experts under the leadership of Renaldas Galdikas and a proven track record of delivering successful projects, both individually and now as KV Baltic.

Continuing to contribute locally

We look forward to continuing our local contributions. In 2021 we collaborated with Hønefoss Ballklubb and Varma, among others. We are constantly finding new areas to reuse the heat generated by our facilities and look forward to continuing with the local contribution in 2022.

We are confident and have high expectations for further growth in the coming years.